Spaghetti with roasted cauliflower
Tagliatelle with ricotta lemon and spinach
Angel hair pasta and shrimp
Spaghetti marinara
Penne pasta with pesto and mushrooms
Blueberry lemon tarts and sourdough blueberry coffee cake
Blueberry lemon tart
Beyond Meat burger
Fried chicken spicy slaw sandwich trio
Bacon lettuce tomato avocado sandwich
Beyond Meat burger on tray
Spanish tapas
Spanish cured meats and cheeses
Spanish canned octopus
Spanish gazpacho and olives
Slice of Spanish almond cake
Spanish almond cake
Spanish marcona almonds
Spanish tortilla
Spanish tapas with canned octopus
Spanish paella
fig ham heirloom tomato toast
Shrimp and sausage Cajun kabobs
Egg hoppers breakfast
Charcuterie cheese and olives platter
Korean beef lettuce wraps
Tuscan white bean egg toast
Fried tofu and eggplant
Prawn skewers and zucchini ribbon pasta
Wine, cheese and fruit
Meat pie
Grilled lamb chops with garlic and rosemary
Roasted octopus
Spicy ramen bowl
Spring vegetable cheese tart
Avocado toast
Persimmons and apples
Iced persimmon bundt cake
Yogurt, honey, granola and berries
Cinnamon spiced steak mezza platter
Asian noodle salad with shrimp
Vegan mushroom siracha noodle bowl
Wine and charcuterie in an outdoor bistro
Cornbread and chili
Pan fried smelt and pasta
Green curry chicken soup
Poached egg, asparagus and blood orange salad
Pasta pappardelle with meat sauce
Rustic salad with bread and cheese
Pomegranate rosemary gin fizz
Kiwi mojito
Pomegranate asparagus vegetable bundles
Chocolate cinnamon tart
Red currants
Roasted garlic heads

Beautiful Food